‘Hiding Behind Dual Citizenship’

Dual citizenship {See background below…} creates two categories of citizenship, and brings up obvious questions of loyalty and allegiance. In addition, it is allowing people to commit crimes in their ‘other homeland’ and then hide out in Canada:

“We request that you free the Mosque from the Infidels and save Muslim interests by saving the Mosque from these Infidels, If these steps are not taken we will be forced to take extreme measures in order to liberate this Mosque”.

“A Pakistani-Canadian man wanted for leading a mob attack on a mosque in Pakistan has found refuge in Canada.  Continue reading “‘Hiding Behind Dual Citizenship’”

‘Canada: Rewarding Illegal Entry’

Because of a Canada-U.S. agreement, ‘refugee’ claimants must apply in the country of their first arrival; however, many in the U.S. are now afraid they will lose their hearing {the U.S. is much more strict in its screening than Canada} and are leaving for Canada. If they legally arrive at a border point, they are told they must return to the U.S., but if they illegally cross the border,the asylum seekers can receive legal aid and social assistance while making a ‘refugee’ claim”.

If that isn’t bad enough,
80 to 90% of the people who are denied asylum in the United States do end up winning their ‘refugee’ claim before the ‘Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada’.”

Oh, Canada…

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