‘The End of Visible Minorities’

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The entire concept of visible minorities – along with the superstructure of policies and laws that support it – makes no sense in our pluralistic 21st century Canada. It’s time to abolish this outdated, imprecise and subtly-racist idea.”

No other country in the world divides itself along racial lines as we do in Canada. According to federal legislation, our country consists of three distinct race groups: ‘Indigenous’ people, ‘whites’, and everybody else. Members of this final catch-all category are officially deemed “visible minorities” and defined in law as “persons, other than Aboriginal people, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-‘white’ in colour”. Canadians can either be native, ‘white’ or non-‘white’. How’s that for inclusivity? 

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‘Canadian Gov’t Teaching Anti-‘White’ Racism’

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The Canadian government is training employees to be racist against ‘white’ people. This retrograde poison – in an Orwellian fashion typical of an authoritarian government – is being falsely labelled as ‘anti-racism’ training…
P.S. The course’s first ‘Resources’ link is blacklivesmatter.com…

“New documents surfacing regarding the Canadian federal government’s ‘anti-racism’ training reveal that their definition of racism is not only overly broad, it appears to have a distinctly political {racist!} tint to it. 

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