‘Canadian Gov’t Invites U.N. Interference’

Canada’s unfortunate virtue-signalling at the United Nations simply Invites U.N. interference. Both the current and previous federal governments are guilty, as it was the ‘Conservative’ Harper government that signed on to the ridiculous UNDRIP – a document that permanently segregates Canadians and guarantees the unequal application of laws…

“Not that it will come as much of a surprise to folk here in Alberta, but the United Nations has stuck its well-manicured fingers into the very future of Canada’s major energy projects. The U.N.’s ‘Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’ — I wager there are some juicy expense accounts tied to membership in that saintly crew — is urging Canada to stop work on three major resource projects, including the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, because we haven’t ‘gained approval’ from affected ‘First Nations’ {‘Aboriginal’} folk. 

“Apparently, the committee is worried construction work is underway without “free, prior and informed consent” involving all those ‘Indigenous’ {sic, Aboriginals are NOT ‘Indigenous’ to North America} groups along the various routes.

“Oh boy, this is akin to being stuck on a merry-go-round with some fiendish psychopath at the master switch, grinning gleefully as he spins you endlessly in circles until the very end of time itself. (OK, or until there’s no energy industry left in Canada, which will likely arrive first.)

“Let’s face it, there will never be enough consultation, sufficient agreement or, indeed, adequate approval for some group or another. In our very bones, we know this to be true, as surely as we know the sun indeed rises in the east.

“Because at its core this is simply a sly game of ‘pass-the-protest-parcel’, aimed at relentlessly keeping the grievance gravy train rolling until everyone involved in these mega-projects simply gives up and walks away, wondering, perhaps, if becoming a Trappist monk might have been a better career choice.

“Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage — the best of a somewhat lacklustre lot gathered around Premier Jason Kenney’s current Cabinet table — rightly responded in calling the United Nations an unelected and unaccountable body: therefore, one with no right to criticize our energy megaprojects.

“Good for you, Sonya. Yet there’s a problem with being overly harsh towards these UN denizens, striving so hard for global peace and understanding…

“So, why is such criticism a tad off base? It’s because we invited them in. Yes, we Canadians. Or rather, the fellow who represents us: that would be the one known far and wide as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“See, we can be forgiven to have forgotten that we are, in fact, up to our armpits in the committal of ‘genocide’. After all, that atrocious condemnation didn’t feature much in the recent federal election campaign. Oh yes, many of us have managed to let that dramatic episode of virtue signalling by our prime minister slip our busy minds. Certainly, Trudeau hasn’t mentioned the word much lately.

“And why would that be? Because it was all flimflam from the prime minister. He couldn’t stop himself. He simply had to agree with the accusation that Canadians are involved in the systematic and deliberate annihilation of ‘Indigenous’ people across this land.

“This conclusion of targeted, race-based slaughter came in the report by the ‘National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered ‘Indigenous’ {sic, ‘Aboriginal’} Women and Girls’. And, after a brief pause, our prime minister agreed with this wording.

“And what happened after that bombshell? Not a darned thing. All the issues facing ‘Indigenous’ people in Canada were put back on the shelf, all the valid questions about the role of the ‘Indian Act’ once again shunted down the tracks.

“Words — the more dramatic the better (and they don’t come more dramatic than ‘genocide’) — are what matter to Trudeau. Actions are a completely different matter.

“But words do have consequences. And when the leader of a country publicly announces he presides over a population involved in ‘genocide’, it’s a condemnation that can’t be washed away, like blackface makeup subjected to a little soap, water and the passage of time.

“So why wouldn’t the UN subsequently train their moral big guns on Canada? We asked them to.”

–‘Trudeau’s genocidal flimflam has international consequences’,

COMMENT: “The entire Native Blame Game — where Canada is unilaterally accused of genocide and sentenced with out any due process or defense — is fabricated by an irrational, neurotic liberal guilt and the aboriginal political activist leaders to create an old-fashioned Left-wing wealth powers transfer, bestowing a race based privilege status and entitlement on one color of Canadians, and a permanent sentence of massive financial obligations and scapegoating on another color. The process and outcome of the this liberal/aboriginal agenda is deeply unjust, racist and unfair to Canada and the Canadian people. The biased, Left-wing UN forcing their flawed race dogma on the matter is entirely unwelcome in a sovereign democratic country.
The only fair race justice is all people being equal, and that’s where we need to head to.
B.C. recently signed onto the UNDRIP charter which will give aboriginal groups a veto on all economic resource projects and activities….even unauthorised aboriginal groups like the one trying to obstruct and stop the multi-billion dollar LNG project in the north right now. That, and the disproportionately dominating anti-capitalist Leftist enviro cult in the lower mainland ( who drove out the mining industry previously), are currently mindlessly hobbling industry and jobs with the intent of getting rid of their own industry (and their neighbors’, Alberta’s, livelihood), the highest unaffordable basic housing cost in the world (who can afford to even live and house themselves in Vancouver – workers?), and they are on well on the road to economic self-destruction. But…its warm and pretty there.

Pipe for the Trans Mountain pipeline is unloaded in Edson, Alta. (CANADIAN PRESS – Jason Franson)

“A Canadian ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal} chief is slamming a recent directive from a United Nations anti-racism committee, after the organization called for the shutdown of an ‘Indigenous’-backed {sic, they mean ‘Aboriginal’} pipeline only to later admit that it did not seek Aboriginal views toward the project.

“In December, the United Nations ‘Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’ (CERD) released a directive calling for three large-scale natural resource projects in British Columbia to be “immediately” shut down, including the ‘Coastal GasLink’ natural gas pipeline that would feed into a massive export facility along the West coast. The project has signed benefit agreements with 20 ‘Indigenous’ communities along its 670-kilometre route.

“But in an interview with Reuters published Thursday, CERD chair Noureddine Amir admitted that the committee did not study ‘First Nations’ views toward the project, saying he “did not know” that most communities supported it.

“I did not know that most ‘First Nations’ agree on that”,
he told Reuters.
“This is something new that comes to my understanding.”

“He further said he did not seek out further information on the project because the role of the committee does not involve investigative work.

“Haisla ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 1,917 people} Chief Crystal Smith, whose community has signed a community benefit agreement with ‘Coastal’, told the National Post,

I frankly find it condescending to the work the 20 ‘nations’ have done in the past six or seven years to get the project to where it is today.

“She said the UN directive points to the bombastic quality of discussion around major resource projects in Canada, which have received intense scrutiny over the past decade largely due to a perception of widespread ‘First Nations’ opposition.

“I think it speaks volumes in terms of the sensationalism (around) a topic that is getting so much attention”,
Smith said.
“There are sides to the story that are not being reflected and frankly there are not many voices in the media in support of the project.”

“The United Nations directive also called for an immediate halt to construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline and Site C dam in British Columbia, which have also been disputed in court. It said it was 

“disturbed by the forced removal, disproportionate use of force, harassment and intimidation by law enforcement officials against ‘indigenous’ {sic} peoples who peacefully oppose large-scale development projects on their {claimed, often stolen} ‘traditional territories’.”

“Amir’s admission of ignorance also sparked a heated response from the Alberta government and various ‘First Nations’ representatives.

I nearly spat out my coffee”,
Chris Sankey, former elected Band councillor with the Lax Kw’alaams ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 3,853 people} in Prince Rupert said Friday. The community was in years of negotiations over the proposed Pacific NorthWest LNG project, which has since been scrapped.

“Of all people, someone in his position, you would think the very first thing he would do is at least to gather information on both sides of the story. It’s unfortunate he never did his homework. He could have looked it up online and found out in seconds.”

“Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage also blasted the admission by the UN, after criticizing the initial directive.

“It is unbelievable that a United Nations Committee who attempted to single out Canada didn’t even realize that many major Canadian projects have earned ‘First Nations’ and community support”,
she said in a written statement.

“Haisla Chief Smith said the agreement her community signed with Calgary-based ‘TC Energy’, who is building the pipeline, is its best chance of attaining autonomy and becoming financially independent. Proceeds will go toward broad poverty reduction programs and other social tools, as well as efforts to “revitalize” the local culture, she said.

“They offer the solution to social issues that no other entity, no other political body, no other government has been able to do for our people.”

“The Coastal pipeline is part of the broader $40 billion ‘LNG Canada’ project under construction near Kitimat, B.C., which will eventually ship super-cooled gas to Asian markets. The project marks the first major LNG project to reach the construction phase along the B.C. coasts, after years of political wrangling and regulatory delays that have delayed large-scale developments.”

–‘First Nations chief blasts ‘condescending’ UN anti-racism directive that called for pipeline to be shut down’,
Jesse Snyder, National Post, January 17, 2020

‘Indigenous’ {sic, ‘Aboriginal’} delegates attend the CERD country review of Canada, February 20th, 2012, Palais Wilson, Geneva

The Background:
“A United Nations committee working to end {some} racism is urging Canada to immediately stop the construction of three major resource projects until it obtains approval from affected ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal communities}.

“The ‘Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’, which monitors a convention to end racial discrimination ‘signed by countries including Canada, is calling for a suspension of the ‘Trans Mountain’ pipeline expansion, ‘Site C’ dam and ‘Coastal GasLink’ pipeline.

“The committee, made up of 18 experts, says in a written directive last month that it is concerned by the approval and construction of the three projects without the free, prior and informed consent of impacted ‘Indigenous’ {sic, they mean ‘Aboriginal’} groups.

“It also says it’s disturbed by law enforcement’s “forced {legal} removal, disproportionate {? Not true} use of force, harassment and intimidation” and “escalating threat of violence” against {‘by’} ‘Indigenous’ Peoples.

“‘Trans Mountain Corp.’, the Crown corporation building the pipeline expansion, says it is approved {which it is} and moving forward with construction safely and in respect of communities. BC Hydro says it has been consulting with affected ‘First Nations’ on Site C since 2007 and has reached benefit agreements with most of them.

“The Canadian courts have reviewed our consultation with certain ‘First Nations’ and found it to be adequate and to have appropriately accommodated their interests”,
it says in a statement.
“To date, more than $230 million in Site C procurement opportunities has been committed to ‘Indigenous’ {sic} companies. In addition, we have around 400 ‘Indigenous’ Peoples currently working on the project.”

“The Canadian government, Coastal GasLink and the RCMP did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

“The UN committee has previously demanded a halt to Site C, which is opposed by the West Moberly {a ‘nation’ of 331 people} and Prophet River {a ‘nation’ of 290 people} ‘First Nations’ in northeast British Columbia. However, this marks the first time it has called for a stop to the Trans Mountain and Coastal GasLink projects.

“The right to “free, prior and informed consent” to resource projects is part of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which Canada has adopted but not incorporated into law.
{Because it conflicts with our Constitution by demanding a surrender of Canadian sovereignty…}
The B.C. government has committed to adapt its laws to meet the aims of the UN resolution but has not yet begun amending legislation.

“The UN committee recommends Canada establish a legal and institutional framework to ensure adequate consultation to obtain free, prior and informed consent, and freeze present and future approval of large-scale development projects that don’t meet that level of consent.

{Dissident} Members of the Wet’suwet’en have attempted to block construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline near Smithers, B.C. {The Band has signed on to the project!}. The natural gas pipeline is part of the massive $40-billion LNG Canada project.

“On Saturday, ‘hereditary’ {monarchical, anti-democratic} chiefs with the ‘First Nation’ issued a letter advising the company that it was “trespassing” on {claimed} ‘unceded territory’ and demanding that it vacate the premises.

“The company has said only security staff were present on the weekend and they complied with the eviction notice, but it plans to resume construction this week after a holiday break.

“A {lunatic} protest group calling itself the ‘Tiny House Warriors’ has built tiny homes in the path of the Trans Mountain pipeline on Secwepemc territory in B.C.’s Interior.

“The UN committee says it’s particularly ‘alarmed’ by the reported arrest and detainment of a Secwepemc demonstrator in October.
{That’s what happens when you break the law…}

“The committee calls on Canada to immediately cease the “forced eviction” of Secwepemc and Wet’suwet’en people {That’s not happening! This is hysterical nonsense} and guarantee that no force will be used against the two groups.
{That will – and MUST – remain at the discretion of the police…}

“It also calls for the RCMP and other security and police to withdraw from their {claimed} ‘traditional lands’.”
{The ‘committee’ is overstepping its bounds…}

–‘UN racism committee calls for halt to Site C, Trans Mountain and LNG pipeline’,
See also:
More United Nations Interference’ (MM‘I’W) {June 19, 2019}:
The totalitarian, dysfunctional ‘United Nations’ is sticking its nose in Canada’s business again:
Canada’s response to the conclusions of the inquiry into missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’} women and girls should include some form of redress for the victims and their families, says the United Nations High Commissioner for ‘Human Rights’.”

Deviating From The Narrative’ (Election Debate) {Sept.17, 2019}:
“In politically-correct Canada, it is not allowed for a public official – particularly one running for Prime Minister – to disagree with ANY aspect of the aboriginal narrative:
‘Conservative’ Leader Andrew Scheer said Thursday that his party can’t support a United Nations Declaration on ‘Indigenous’ Rights because it could let “one group of individuals” hold resource projects “hostage”…

UNDR‘I’P Unworkable{May 15, 2017}:
“Even for a government with a disproportionate aboriginal influence, implementing the foolish ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of {so-called} ‘Indigenous’ Peoples’ {UNDR‘I’P} is proving to be a political and economic impossibility.”


UN ‘indigenous rights’ declaration is ‘unworkable’ as law{July 15, 2016}:
Jody Wilson-Raybould, the justice minister, spoke at the A‘FN’s general assembly in Niagara Falls Wednesday, where she dropped the bombshell that adopting the ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ as Canadian law is “unworkable”…

Embracing the U.N. at Canada’s Expense{June 4, 2016}:
‘Indigenous’ Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett said…Canada would fully embrace the UN ‘Declaration on the Rights of ‘Indigenous’ Peoples’ (UNDR‘I’P) and remove its “permanent objector status” to the document.

Balkanizing British Columbia’ (B.C./UNDRIP) {Jan.16, 2020}:
British Columbia politicians are thoughtlessly embedding Race law, two-tiered ‘rights’, and United Nations influence in all aspects of B.C. legislation:
Horgan told the chiefs his government has a lot of work ahead {!}, to adapt provincial legislation {to segregate British Columbia} to the dozens of articles of the UN declaration {Some of which are CONTRARY to the Canadian Constitution}

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