‘Danger: Bigots At Work!’

More blatant language discrimination from French bigots – and our Constitution enables this!:

“A new language policy will ensure all ministries and organizations offer public services almost exclusively in French.”

“Quebec Premier François Legault has laid out who in the province he believes has the ‘right’ to get their electricity bill in English or be served in English when they renew their driver’s licence or health insurance card — only those entitled to English schooling under Quebec’s French-language charter.

“If your parents went to English school, you have rights in Quebec, and we will respect those ‘rights’,”

{These are properly labelled as ‘conditional rights’, and ‘conditional rights’ are not ‘rights’, but a state-granted ‘privilege’…}
Legault told reporters at Quebec’s National Assembly on Tuesday.
“If you’re a new immigrant {or English and your parents didn’t go to school in Quebec}, we have to talk with them in French. That’s the difference.”

“It’s in the {discriminatory} rules. We just apply the Bill ‘101’,”
he said, referring to the {Quebec} charter.

{Canada has these ‘charters’, supposedly designed to protect individual rights but in fact, written to fragment the rights of Canadians and divide the populace into differential, and competing, ‘rights’ categories.}

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

“The Premier was asked to define just who is a “historical anglophone” after Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette, who is also responsible for the ‘protection’ of the French language {responsible for enforcing language discrimination}, said a new language policy will ensure all ministries and organizations offer public services almost exclusively in French.

“The policy should be ready in the coming weeks, Jolin-Barrette said, and will apply to communication with individuals as well as companies.

“Nothing will change for the “historic English minority”,
{Most of whom left Quebec years ago when separatists were first elected and the anti-English discrimination started to be written into law}
he explained — they
“will always be able to receive all the services in their own language”.
{Turning a right into a privilege…}
“But it’s not because you say ‘I want it in English’ that [you will receive it in English]. So that’s really important, that the governmental communication is first of all in French”.

“Exceptions will also be made for ‘Indigenous’ {sic, aboriginals are not ‘Indigenous’ to Canada} people, but not for new immigrants to the province.

{Yet another Race-based exception for Canadian aboriginals. Canada now determines a citizen’s rights based on whether they are Engish-speaking, French-speaking or aboriginal, with separate rights for each.}

“When asked by the host of Radio-Canada’s “Tout un matin”, Patrick Masbourian, whether first-generation immigrants should be “given a break{Try giving English-speaking Canadians ‘a break’ first!!!}, Jolin-Barrette said all immigrants should have the opportunity to learn to speak French {An “opportunity” that’s forced on them} and that Quebec has invested a lot in ensuring there are programs for them to do so…

“The new guidelines come following a report by the ‘Conseil supérieur de la langue française’, the government’s French-language advisory board {and responsible for Quebec’s repressive ‘language police’}, which found there are ‘shortcomings’ in the government’s language policies and that practices vary from ministry to ministry.

“The policy will help create a uniform set of {discriminatory} standards, which will help ensure the sustainability of the French language by making the state a model to follow, Jolin-Barrette said. He blamed the current situation on the previous ‘Liberal’ government, which he said “didn’t care” about making sure the government is exemplary in its use of French.

“Earlier Tuesday, ‘Liberal’ finance critic Carlos Leitão asked whether government workers will start asking people for a secret handshake that will identify people as a “real Anglo {!}. He said the policy shows there is a disconnect between Jolin-Barrette and the real world {!!!}

“Greg Kelley, a Liberal MNA and the Official Opposition critic for relations with English-speaking Quebecers, pointed out the CAQ government likes to say they speak for the majority of francophones and that they govern for the majority.

He said this policy is “kind of another message to the rest of us, that you’re not quite part of this Quebec, and it is not an inclusive message whatsoever“…
{It’s also a violation of their civil rights!}
“He said there are people in Quebec who speak English but are from other provinces or countries, and it is unclear if they are part of the ‘historic community’ Jolin-Barrette is referencing…

“Constitutional lawyer Julius Grey said the policy would give a false impression to immigrants that French is the only language in Quebec.

“It’s also true that Montreal is a functionally bilingual city, and we shouldn’t pretend it’s not”,

he told CBC Montreal’s “Daybreak”. He said the reprehensible” part of this is that the government is trying to divide people by creating this “historical Anglo community“. The move would deprive people of the ability to fully understand what is going on in their interactions with the government, he said.

“I think the creation of classes of citizens carries the potential for an equality challenge, as well as a freedom of expression challenge”.
{If not, then we are truly lost…}

“Grey said the purpose of ‘Bill 101’, Quebec’s landmark language law which required new immigrants to send their children to French schools, wasn’t spite {Nonsense} demographics showed that if nothing changed, an English-speaking majority would eventually emerge…
{That’s because Canada is English and that would be a natural occurrence, and you have no right to enact bigotry into law to counter it!}

“When they say it’s to protect French, I’d like to know how it protects French to tell somebody you can’t have your services in English.”

–‘Only Quebecers legally entitled to go to English school have right to be served in English, premier says’,
Kamila Hinkson & Loreen Pindera, CBC News, Nov. 05, 2019

COMMENT: “I guess maybe the Francophones should have no rights outside Quebec and must speak English. These double standards need to stop and all Canadians should be treated as equals.”
“Wow, human rights were never a big thing in Quebec, but we are really rolling down the nationalist track to a totalitarian state now.”
“By that logic, the only ones anywhere else in the country that should have French language services provided are those legally entitled to go to French-speaking school?? This is ridiculous. We have 2 official languages and it shouldn’t matter where you are in the country, you should be able to choose whichever you prefer.”
“There has not been freedom of speech in this province since the PQ was elected some 44 years ago this year.”
“How are they going to even enforce this? Are Quebecers going to have to prove how they were educated every time they seek out a public sector service? That is going to be costly and cumbersome to implement.”
“Many years ago while driving truck, we had to stop in Trois-Rivières (3 Rivers). Everyone stared at us like we were aliens because we ordered meals in English. I really struggle going to QC and I try to avoid it now.”
“If it wasn’t for Quebec, we would not be a bilingual country. If Quebec doesn’t want to be bilingual any more, then the same should apply for the ROC.”
“Let’s make sure that the federal government claws back a huge portion of federal funds currently going to Quebec to support the delivery of public services in English. Less effort equals a diminished need for funds.” {!}
“Canada is bilingual, but this move by Quebec suggests they have found a strategy to push English out and withdraw from Confederation — while keeping the ‘equalization’ cash flowing {Exactly what aboriginal leadership is also trying to do!}. As a potential tourist, I don’t need any further hostility — I only know a few (rude) words in French, all of which seem appropriate.”
“What a sad state Quebec has become — backward and discriminatory. It’s stuck in a past that will limit its future successes.”
“Enough of this crap. Our leaders need to stand up and ask Quebec ‘Are you Canadian first or aren’t you?’ Canada will still remain strong without Quebec. Right now, we are divided because major political parties are more interested in seats than facing reality. Stop tip-toeing around Quebec. They are either in or they are out.”
“Why is Quebec so separated from the rest of the country in just about everything, yet gets the most in transfer payments and equalization? They make their own rules, have their own cpp, laws, codes and other things, yet wouldn’t be able to survive without the rest of Canada… So ridiculous.”
“Legault is trying to pick a fight with the Feds that he can parlay into a referendum fight. We in Quebec have seen it before. Every time a separatist wins an election here, they go down this road — to the detriment of our economy.”
“I lived 30 years in Quebec, and this law is not new. I was luckily able to receive my mail in English (mother was English, father French Canadian). BUT — you also have to contact each government agency to request English mail, which is a nightmare.”
“The absurdity of the separatists on full view. Deprive generations of the language skills required to leave the province and prosper, so you can maintain a tax base internally. It amazes me that 4 generations have yet to figure out that the Separatists basically confined them to living in, and never leaving, Quebec by denying them English-language education and learning. Not to mention, those same 4 generations have in turn hobbled their children, to the government’s delight. Now, those without English-language skills get riled up over not getting equal pay to their Anglo associates and never contemplate the origin of their discontent — Bill 101.”
“Use of taxpayers’ money to generate this sort of discrimination is objectionable. I understand Albertans’ complaints about transfer payments on this score.”
“When Ian Parris moved to Montreal from the English-speaking island of Saint Kitts, he quickly learned French because he’s always believed immigrants should adopt the local tongue. He enrolled in a French-language university and eventually opened a restaurant in the city. Parris may be fluent in Quebec’s official language, but he still prefers to receive bills and other business communications in English.

“I think if I choose to speak English, I should have that option…”
he said.
“I am more comfortable in English because it’s my first language.”

“But soon, he may lose that choice because he doesn’t have the right credentials under the provincial government’s plan to prohibit certain residents from receiving services in English. The new policy will be unveiled in the coming weeks, covering communications ranging from Hydro bills to driver’s licence renewals, said Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette. It will apply to businesses as well…

“On Tuesday, Jolin-Barrette said the new policy will have exceptions for ‘Indigenous’ {sic, he means ‘aboriginal’} people in Quebec and what he called the “historic English minority“. Premier François Legault later defined that group as those with parents who went to English school in Canada. That’s in accordance with Quebec’s French language charter, he said…

“Are we going to have to have a test to see what an ‘historic anglophone’ is?”

asks ‘Liberal’ language critic Gregory Kelley. Test or not, Grey predicted the policy would get struck down in court for discrimination and breach of freedom of expression.

“There is no beneficiary”,
he said.
“Nobody is better off, but you’re creating a situation which divides society and you make some people feel they’re the subject of discrimination.”

“Dorian Williams, the owner of the ‘New Style Barbershop’ in Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, says he sees how it’s affecting people.

“They’re running everybody out of Quebec”,
Williams said.
“Quebec used to be the place that everyone wanted to be. Now everyone is in Ontario. They’re losing the culture here.”

–‘Quebec’s aim to restrict English services worries those who won’t make the cut’,
CBC News, Nov. 06, 2019
See also:
From 2017:
Ontario Expands Canada’s Linguistic Hypocrisy{Aug. 7, 2017}:
“More divisive ‘group identity’ politics from the Ontario government. Having bilingual provincial services in other provinces while Quebec is unilingual is simply hypocrisy and discrimination…”

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