‘Government Silences Critic of Mohammedanism’

“I make a distinction between those who practice Islam in peace and harmony with others, and those with an agenda to usurp democratic constitutions, demand special privileges over other creeds and who advocate the abuse of women and innocents as a supremacist entitlement.”

From the Toronto Star’s “Identity and Inequality Reporter” {!?!}:
“A board member with the ‘Canadian Race Relations Foundation’, an arms-length federal government agency established to counteract racism, has been fired amid concerns over what Muslim advocacy groups describe as “Islamophobic commentary” {She is opposed to totalitarian political Islam —  ‘Islamism’ or ‘Mohammedanism’} and her

“public association with purveyors of hateful propaganda”.

“Christine Douglass-Williams has been a board member since 2012 and her dismissal was confirmed…by foundation chairperson Albert Lo. He said he was notified by the Department of Canadian Heritage, which is responsible for the foundation.

“Lo said he was not provided with an explanation for Douglass-Williams’ dismissal {!}. But a government source told the ‘Star’ she was removed because of comments she has made online which

“do not reflect the goal of the foundation”.

“They do not work to eliminate racism or promote ‘inclusion’, and that is the mandate of the foundation,”
he said.
“That’s why her contract has been terminated.”

“Douglass-Williams addressed her dismissal in an email to the ‘Star’ and on ‘Jihad Watch’.

“Why? Because I dared to criticize political Islam,”
she wrote.

“I make a distinction between those who practice Islam in peace and harmony with others, and those with an agenda to usurp democratic constitutions, demand special privileges over other creeds and who advocate the abuse of women and innocents as a supremacist entitlement.

It is odd to be removed from a race relations foundation for my private work in criticizing this aspect of Islam, of which the latter is not a race.”

“She called her removal a “dishonourable decision” on the part of Heritage Minister Melanie Joly and accused her of acting “at the behest of questionable sorts”. On ‘Jihad Watch’, she wrote that she is

“investigating some avenues concerning this ruthless and agenda-driven decision to dismiss me from the ‘Canadian Race Relations Foundation’.”

“In August, the ‘Canadian Press’ reported Douglass-Williams’ position had come under review after she published an essay in May about her visit to Iceland with Robert Spencer, founder of ‘Jihad Watch’.

“Spencer has been characterized as an “anti-Muslim extremist” by the ‘Anti-Defamation League’ and is considered “one of America’s most prolific and vociferous anti-Muslim propagandists”, according to the {racist and communist} Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a {fake} ‘civil rights’ organization that tracks extremism.

“‘Jihad Watch’, where Douglas-Williams frequently writes, has also been designated a ‘hate’ group by the {hate group} SPLC, which describes it as

“one of the oldest, most prolific and popular anti-Muslim websites.”

“‘Jihad Watch’ is one of the leading voices pushing {fictional} ‘Islamophobic’ sentiment today,”
Amarnath Amarasingam, a prominent Canadian researcher of terrorism and Islamic extremism, said in an email.

“The idea that someone who sits on the ‘Canadian Race Relations Foundation’s board would have anything to do with ‘Jihad Watch’ or Robert Spencer is mind-boggling to me.

“The CRRF is supposed to be about fostering inter-cultural understanding, which is pretty much the exact opposite of what ‘Jihad Watch’ stands for.”
{Why? Because telling the truth about Islam doesn’t ‘foster inter-cultural understanding’?}

{Amarnath Amarasingam is a Sociologist (of course, a PhD with a thesis on ‘social movement activism’) who teaches at the now-notorious Wilfred Laurier University and writes for ‘Al-Jazeera’, the ‘Toronto Star’ and ‘Huffington Post’…}

“Following her trip to Iceland, Douglass-Williams published a post on ‘Jihad Watch’ under the headline “Christine Williams: My Personal Warning to Icelanders”, in which she cautioned the island country that

“many friendly, seemingly ‘moderate’ Muslims are deceiving you.”

“You are in trouble,”

she wrote on May 16.

“Your numbers are too small in a vast land to continue as you are, in allowing Islamic supremacist incursion into your country as you have.” {!}

“She later continued:

“You need street smarts with regard to immigrants. Islamic supremacists will smile at you, invite you to their gatherings, make you feel loved and welcome, but they do it to deceive you and to overtake you, your land and your freedoms.”

“The post raised alarm bells with fellow board members and was flagged with Heritage Minister Joly, according to the ‘Canadian Press’.

“The country’s leading organization dedicated to the elimination of racism and the promotion of harmonious race relations, the ‘Canada Race Relations Foundation’, must have a board that recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in our society,”

Simon Ross, a spokesperson for the minister, said in an statement to the ‘Star’ on Thursday.

“The ‘National Council of Canadian Muslims’ also expressed concerns and sent a formal letter to the government in October. Executive director Ihsaan Gardee said Douglass-Williams’ removal is an

“appropriate corrective measure taken by government to address (her) disturbing public record.”
{It’s called ‘appeasement’…}

“The removal of Ms. Douglass-Williams is long overdue in light of her known ‘Islamophobic’ {‘Honest, realistic’} commentary and her public association with purveyors of ‘hateful propaganda’ {‘otherwise known as “The Truth”}, such as Robert Spencer who has long been identified by {Left-wing} ‘human rights’ institutions as a leading figure of the ‘Islamophobia’ movement in North America,”
he said in an emailed statement.

The ‘Canadian Race Relations Foundation’ was created out of a settlement deal between the federal government and Japanese Canadians over their internment during the Second World War. As a part of the agreement, the government promised to create a foundation that would

“foster racial harmony and cross-cultural understanding and help to eliminate racism.”

“Launched in 1997, the foundation has an office in Toronto but hosts anti-racism workshops, training and roundtables across the country, in addition to funding research projects and publishing an academic journal.

Board members are appointed by the governor in council on the recommendation of the minister in charge of multiculturalism. Douglass-Williams was appointed in 2012 on the recommendation of Jason Kenney, who was then the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism.

“According to Douglass-Williams’ biography on the foundation’s website, she serves as a senior adviser with the ‘Hudson Institute’ in New York and sits on the ‘Anti-Semitism Task Force’ with the ‘Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies’.

“Her biography also states that she previously worked as a television journalist with a Christian broadcaster, in addition to regularly contributing to the ‘NewsReal’ blog and ‘Front Page Magazine’.

“The latter two are published by the ‘David Horowitz Freedom Center’, a major media player in the United States’ ‘Islamophobia’ {‘Truth about Islam’} network, according to a 2011 report by the ‘Center for American Progress’…

“‘Jihad Watch’ is also a project of the ‘David Horowitz Freedom Center’ and a blog where Douglass-Williams has become a prolific contributor, sometimes posting up to three times a day.

“In August, she wrote a post defending her “personal writings on ‘Jihad Watch’” and included a statement she sent to the ‘Canadian Press’. She wrote that her writings are compatible with her work on ‘Canadian Race Relations’ board and that she has

“the greatest respect for its pure, original mandate of human rights for all.”

“It is not racist to oppose the jihadist-Islamist agenda,” {!}

she wrote in the post, which is headlined “Christine Douglass-Williams: unjustly targeted by Canada’s ‘Islamophobia’ agenda”.

“Any efforts currently against me in my private work are an unjust, agenda-driven and a cruel attempt to intimidate me for my distaste for all supremacist agendas.”

“Other posts on ‘Jihad Watch’ by Douglass-Williams have appeared under headlines such as “UN launches app to ‘empower’ migrants, encourage them to ‘migrate safely’” and “Jesuit scholar: Islam is an open-ended declaration of war against non-Muslims”.

“In June 2016, she wrote about a message she received from a friend who requested she write more positively about migrants.

“At first I thought: go do some yoga and count your blessings as a citizen of our free country, and shut up,”
she wrote.

“She later continued:

“How many Westerners want our cities and countries to become replicas of Islamic states, with the full range of all the atrocities committed in them? We’re on our way there, folks, unless we hold leaders accountable; those who should be protecting the citizens of our countries from bloodthirsty criminals and people who are encroaching upon our freedoms and safety.”

“Foundation chairperson Albert Lo said this is the only time a board member has been dismissed since he joined the organization in 2007.

“Lo said he is not familiar with ‘Jihad Watch’ or Douglass-Williams’ writings online and declined to comment on them. But he said his interactions with her as a board member have always been positive.

“We always appreciated her positive contributions,”
he said.
“She’s always supportive of positive race relations.” {!}

“He added that Douglass-Williams has been involved with a number of foundation initiatives involving Muslim issues.

“I saw quite a number of participants in the Muslim community say they were very warm to her and always positive and friendly.”

“On ‘Jihad Watch’, Douglass-Williams has written that she is “pro-Muslim and pro-human rights”, pointing to her book “The Challenge of Modernizing Islam”, where she

“differentiates between Islamists and human rights-respecting Muslims who strive to live peaceably and equally among Westerners.”

I am appalled at Islamist intolerance and murder today of non-Muslims and even their fellow Muslims who strive toward human rights,”
she wrote.

“On Thursday, she wrote that “many letters” were sent to the Heritage Department on her behalf, in addition to a petition

“attesting to my deep regard for human rights.”

“But {phony} ‘extremism researchers’ {‘Muslim apologists’} like Amarasingam say ‘Jihad Watch’ is one of the leading platforms in the “counter jihad” movement, which has been described as a loose international network based on the belief that Islam is at war with the West {It’s not a belief. It’s what Islam preaches and is doing…} and Muslim immigration is a conscious effort to spread ‘Sharia’ law {As Muslim teaching insists they must}.

“For a lot of commentators on the site, the only way for a Muslim to be less violent is to be less Muslim,” {Exactly!}
he says.
“The common assumption of most writers on the site is that Muslims are secretly planning a takeover of the Western countries through a slow erosion of western culture. This is why they also have pretty wild views {?} against immigration and letting refugees into Western countries.”

“Heidi Beirich, director of the {racist and communist} ‘Southern Poverty Law Center’s {ironically-named} ‘Intelligence Project’, said Douglass-Williams has been “on the anti-Muslim circuit for some time” and has written hundreds of articles for ‘Jihad Watch’ since 2012.

“In an emailed statement, the ‘Mosaic Institute’, a non-profit that promotes ‘diversity’ {Lol…}, said the removal of Douglass-Williams

“reflects that the personal behaviours of a board member do actually matter.”

“Ms. Douglass-Williams, through her writing and public comments, has revealed that she sees the Muslim community as categorically homogenous, assigning a particular set of characteristics and behaviours to them that, in her view, are a threat,”
the statement read.
“This type of thinking is the root of prejudice and discrimination. And that is what the ‘Canadian Race Relations Foundation’ needs to dismantle.”

–‘Board member of anti-racism agency fired amid accusations of Islamophobic commentary’,
JENNIFER YANG, Identity and Inequality Reporter, Toronto Star, Dec. 21, 2017


Christine Douglass-Williams

From: Christine Douglass-Williams

“My own personal writings on ‘Jihad Watch’ are most compatible with my on-record, highly-dedicated work on the Canadian Race Relations board since 2013. I serve and have the greatest respect for its pure, original mandate of human rights for all.

“I speak here of my own accord, not on behalf of the Foundation in any shape or form.

It is not racist to oppose the jihadist-Islamist agenda.

“Any efforts currently against me in my private work are an unjust, agenda-driven and cruel attempt to intimidate me for my distaste for all supremacist agendas. I am pro-Muslim and pro-human rights, which is why I wrote my book on “The Challenge of Modernizing Islam”, featuring prominent Muslims, revelations of their personal faith, and their remarkable efforts toward human rights; among them includes the founder of the Koranist sect in Egypt who suffered, was thrown in jail, tortured and eventually exiled to America. He warns about the same “fanatics” that have arrived in America.

“I am also an advisor to ‘Muslims Facing Tomorrow’, a Canadian progressive human rights Muslim group.

“I am appalled at Islamist intolerance and murder today of non-Muslims and even their fellow Muslims who strive toward human rights. I was also — relatively speaking — appalled as a child in the 60’s and early 70’s about the racism that I and other visible minorities experienced by many whites of that era.

“In our era, the worst global violators of human rights are now Islamists, eg. FGM, honor killings, black slavery, violent persecution of Christians and other minorities; stoning, beheadings, execution for adultery, apostasy and being gay; the widespread rape of infidel women across Europe–including thousands of UK “white girls” being called “meat” and “trash” by Islamist rape gangs; massive jihad attacks against those who are of another creed and/or culture; and a supremacist view by Islamists above other creeds, even attempting to shut down democratic free speech to suit an agenda.

“White supremacists indeed still need to be cracked down on. The trouble is that our Western culture only adequately recognizes racism if it is white people against another group. To me, this dismal minimalizing of human rights abuses by Islamists—most of whom are not white–is troubling and it is also an insulting demonstration of a widespread bigotry of low expectations of visible minority perpetrators.

“I support diversity and responsible immigration. We have come a long way in diverse, multicultural Canada and the tides have changed, to heights that I would not have imagined.

“My book differentiates between Islamists and human rights-respecting Muslims who strive to live peaceably and equally among Westerners. They ask for no special favors and advocate for the separation of mosque and state; they condemn Islamism, and stand against human rights abuses committed in the name of their religion, sometimes at great personal risk.

“The West has evolved into bastions of human rights and unfortunately not every immigrant is respecting of that evolution and Canada’s Constitution, but many wish to dredge up past, long-atoned-for abuses and ignore current-day mass human rights abuses.

“All lives matter and the majority of Canadians of all races and creeds can see straight through the noise of agendas. If the racism industry cannot come to promote equality for all without fear of unjust reprisals, we have a very bad problem. I support equality of all and human rights for all.”

“Christine Williams was until December 2017 a federally-appointed Director with the ‘Canadian Race Relations Foundation’. She has conducted over 1,700 live television interviews as a talk show host and television producer on ‘CTS TV’ in Burlington, capturing six international awards. A past political and crime news reporter and news room editor, Christine has also served as a regular national columnist with ‘Metro News’ (Co-owned with the ‘Toronto Star’) where she also provided news analysis on political and diversity issues.

“Her writings have appeared in many publications including: the ‘Middle East Quarterly’, ‘FrontPage Magazine’, ‘USA Today Online’, ‘Wall Street Journal’ online and the ‘Gatestone Institute’ in New York where she is on the Board of Governors. She is also currently working on a book project exploring Muslim Reform and is on the Board of Advisors for the Canadian moderate Muslim organization ‘Muslims Facing Tomorrow’.”


Christine Douglass-Williams, ‘Focus Today’ – July 19, 2017:


The Challenge of Modernizing Islam’ (Book Excerpt),
Christine Douglass-Williams, NewsMax, 18 July 2017



See also:
Freedom of Speech and ‘Islamophobia’ (Canadian Parliament) {January 31, 2017}:
“There is an anti-‘Islamophobia’ Liberal Muslim private members Motion in Parliament, presented by a Muslim MP, that would take us one step closer to criminalizing criticism of Islam.”

Parliament Betrays Canada’ (‘Islamophobia Motion’) {November 4, 2016}:
“ALL political parties in Parliament have supported a Muslim petition, presented by the NDP, that condemns Freedom of Speech in Canada which results in criticism of the fascistic elements in the ‘Koran’ and its followers — also known by the Muslim-created slur, ‘Islamophobia’.”

Infiltrating Canada’ {Radical Muslim Literature) {August 24, 2016}:
“The study, titled ‘Lovers of the Death’? — Islamist Extremism in Mosques and Schools’, says what worried them was not the presence of extremist literature, but that they found nothing but such writings in several libraries…”

Premier Looking For ‘Moderate’ Mohammedans’ (Quebec) {June 24, 2017}:
“Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard is facing criticism from Muslim community leaders after saying there is a link between Islam and terrorism.”
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