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‘Canadians For Legal Equality’ also publishes a blog. Here are some posts you might have missed:

AntiFa Violence in Quebec City

“We think the RCMP should be upholding the law, not carrying the suitcases of illegal immigrants.”

A legal demonstration demanding that Canadian governments do their duty in rejecting illegal immigration and fake refugees was delayed for 4 hours by violent, anti-free speech, illegal demonstrators. Police wouldn’t allow the legal demo to begin until they had dispersed and/or arrested the violent Left-wing counter-protesters. ALL of the day’s violence was from the so-called ‘anti-fascists’:

“According to Mr. Sylvain Brouillette, approximately 600 people associated with ‘La Meute’ participated in the demonstration.

“The troops are very motivated,” he said. “We are here for governments to put on their pants and apply the laws in force” …”

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Ontario Expands Canada’s Linguistic Hypocrisy
More divisive ‘group identity’ politics from the Ontario government. Having bilingual provincial services in other provinces while Quebec is unilingual is simply hypocrisy and discrimination:

“The creation of a stand-alone ministry of Francophone affairs drew mixed reactions from political pundits and opposition parties on Monday, after Premier Kathleen Wynne released details of a mini-shuffle in her Cabinet.

“The Premier announced the ‘Office of Francophone Affairs Ontario’ will now be a full-fledged ministry…
{“The provincial average of Ontarians whose mother tongue is French is 3.9%.”}

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Playing Favourites With Citizenship
So, Muslims who are terrorists and Muslims who lie on their immigration papers {like a certain federal Cabinet minister} get to keep their Canadian citizenship, but ONLY Muslims:

“Canada has once again stripped Helmut Oberlander, 93, of his citizenship for serving in a Nazi death squad, and lying about it to enter Canada.

“It’s the fourth time the government has taken this step, after Oberlander defeated the government in court three times to restore his citizenship.

“…Oberlander is going to court to overturn the political decision, made this time by the federal cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau…”

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Funding Terror from Canada?
“Federal regulators have revoked the charity status of a Canadian Islamic organization after an audit uncovered problems, including tax receipts that were issued for donations to a Pakistani group linked to ‘armed militancy’ {‘Mohammedan terrorism’}.

“‘ISNA Islamic Services of Canada’ was stripped of its charitable status for “non-compliance”, according to records obtained by ‘Global News’. Authorities also revoked a related charity, the ‘Canadian Islamic Trust Foundation’.

“Both are former affiliates of the ‘Islamic Society of North America-Canada’ (ISNA-Canada), and shared its Mississauga, Ont. address. Politicians of all stripes have attended ‘ISNA-Canada’ events, notably Justin Trudeau in 2013 and, in April, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale…”

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Illegal Border Crossing Update
“New figures released today show a shift in where the RCMP are arresting people crossing illegally into Canada. Data from the federal government shows a drop in the number of people being apprehended in Manitoba, but a major increase in Quebec.

“The RCMP intercepted 884 people who crossed into Canada between regular ports of entry in June in total, up from 742 the month before…”

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No Votes for Old Folks?
This article is deeply disturbing – indeed, offensive – in its attempt to portray a loony, fringe, overtly-discriminatory concept as something worthy of serious discussion. The academic reference provided is the ludicrously-titled “The Disfranchisement of the Elderly, and Other Attempts to Secure Intergenerational Justice”.

“Decisions made by older generations will affect the interests of younger and unborn generations, but those younger generations will themselves have less or no say {? Nonsense. Who elected Trudeau?}. Moreover, as some argue, older citizens have greater incentives to deplete natural resources, underinvest in infrastructure, accumulate public debt and ignore the environment.”

Yet, they vote for political parties that propose reducing public debt, while young people vote for more. In addition, older people consume less and conserve more, thus reducing their impact on the environment… Never mind who has paid the taxes – and done the work — that got us this far…

While this article ultimately comes to a sensible conclusion, it does have the effect of planting this idea in the public mind and giving it some legitimacy. Thanks a lot…

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Double Standards?
‘City of Windsor tiptoes around illegal Mosque query’:

“Tree-lined Lincoln Road is a nondescript quiet street in Windsor, Ontario. Peppered with well-kept duplexes and bungalows, it’s not much different from other residential streets, except for the home at 747 Lincoln Road which has been illegally converted into a mosque…

“Apparently, several years ago, the house suddenly became something called the Noor E-Islam Madrassah and Cultural Centre, even though Lincoln Road is not zoned for places of worship.

“So, why is this makeshift mosque being tolerated? …”

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Dual Citizenship
Dual citizenship creates two categories of citizenship, and brings up obvious questions of loyalty and allegiance:

“Prior to 1947 and the introduction of the first ‘Citizenship Act’, there was legally no such thing as Canadian citizenship. Both native-born and naturalized citizens were British subjects. In 1977, the current ‘Citizenship Act’ came into force, making extensive changes to the law. The effect was to make citizenship more widely available (for example, by reducing the period of residency required from five to three years)…

“The Act also provided that Canadians could hold dual citizenship, reversing the previous situation in which citizenship was lost upon the acquisition of the citizenship of another country. An important conceptual change also came about in 1977, when citizenship became a ‘right’ for qualified applicants, rather than a privilege as it had been in the past…”

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