‘What Happened To Secular Public Schools?’

“The morning after a tense meeting at the Peel school board — where a spectator tore up a ‘Quran’ and others yelled {so-called} ‘Islamophobic’ comments — the province has issued a statement in support of the board providing space for  Muslim students’ Friday prayers.

“Education Minister Mitzie Hunter and Michael Coteau, minister of children and youth services, said

“we know that the Peel District School Board has been working closely with their students and the community for more than a decade on ‘religious accommodation’ in their schools and we are pleased to see their commitment to inclusion… Realizing the promise of Ontario’s ‘diversity’ is a continuous process grounded in actively respecting and valuing the full range of our differences.”

{Does that “full range” include “valuing” Islamic slavery, savagery, misogyny, intolerance and violence?}

Ontario Education Minister Mitzie Hunter. (Andrew Francis Wallace — Toronto Star file photo)

“At issue in Peel is the board providing space for Muslim students to pray as a group, on Fridays. The practice has been going on for years — as it has in some Toronto public schools — but only recently been targeted by critics by way of protest and petitions demanding the 20 minutes of group prayer, called ‘Jummah’, be banned.

{Because, as of 2 months ago, the students are now able to write their own sermons — in Arabic (see below). Also because of the continual worldwide expansion of Muslim violence and intolerance, its inherent incompatibility with many Canadian values (particularly the legal equality of all citizens), and the advocacy of the same by some Muslim imams at ‘prayer meetings’ in Canada – and, of course, the fact that all other religions were chased out of Canadian public schools as part of ‘secularization’…}

“Critics believe it leads to segregation among students and inappropriate exposure to religion in a secular school system.

At Wednesday night’s board meeting, police were present and had to clear the room after tempers flared.

“Chairman Janet McDougald said the board is

“appalled … by the anti-Muslim rhetoric and prejudice we have seen on social media, read in emails and heard first-hand at our board meetings.
{However, they never seem to notice the anti-Canadian rhetoric from Mohammedans…}

“It has caused some of our {Muslim} students to feel unsafe, to feel targeted {What about your Jewish students? Statistics indicate they are far more at risk…}. We must not allow hatred toward any faith group to flourish. We will not stand for that. It is not consistent with our board values, with our role as trustees, or for us as Canadians.”

“She said the “concerted effort to share deliberate misinformation, to counter a known legal requirement for Peel” is unacceptable.
{Where are the Buddhist and Hindu and Jewish prayer rooms??? And what happened to being a ‘secular’ school system???}

“She went on to say that as a board, the issue is settled, and

“we have said we will no longer hear delegations, nor accept public questions on this provincial requirement. We need to focus on the business of the board.”
{Shutting down debate and feedback…}

“The board has also created an information sheet that

“addresses the questions we are repeatedly asked. From this point on, our “Key Facts” stands as our response,” she said. “Staff will use this sheet in response — and nothing else — in responding to questions and concerns including social media.”

“School boards are required to have a religious accommodation guideline in place to help boards establish open, fair and transparent processes for considering individual requests, Coteau and Hunter also wrote.

“We encourage parents and students to have an ongoing dialogue with their schools if an accommodation is required or whether there are concerns. While it is our expectation that all public school boards comply with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Ontario Human Rights Code, we know that hate continues to spread, even in the most diverse regions of our province.”
{Evidence of this spreading ’hate’?}

“The government recently announced a three-year anti-{‘White’}-racism plan, they said, which entails a

“whole-of-government approach to combat systemic {Canadian, not immigrant} racism, with specific targets to address {so-called} ‘Islamophobia’. We need to all work together to strengthen relationships with ‘racialized’ {non-‘White’, racist} communities through community collaboration. This is an important step toward addressing systemic racism in our public institutions, as well as other forms of discrimination.”

{There is nothing here to address the ‘inherent racism’ found in so many Asian communities toward ‘Blacks’, for example, or Japanese and Arab racism towards everyone else, or the Third World ‘anti-white’ racism that we are importing with immigrant populations. ALL OF THESE are far more dangerous to Canada’s future than so-called Canadian ‘systemic racism’…}

–‘Muslim prayers in schools get provincial endorsement following intense meeting’,
Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star, March 23, 2017


Feature IMAGE: Peel School Board protest (Rob Beintema–Torstar News Service)


Update: April 27, 2017:
Peel School Board: More outraged parents express anger re Islamic prayers
“Last night, a raucous and energized crowd of concerned parents showed up at a Peel Board meeting. The Board excluded a politician who opposed them (Kevin Johnston) and then tried to stifle debate about the prayers. These folks weren’t having it”:
“Mini mosque” reporter forced off school property
“David Menzies follows journalist Kevin Johnston as he tries to deliver legal notice to Peel School Board officials who called him “racist” for opposing mini mosques in Peel public schools.”

Peel District School Board (METROLAND file photo)

“Police intervened at a Toronto-area school board meeting on Wednesday evening (March 22, 2017) after members in the audience shouted anti-Muslim rhetoric, tore pages from a ‘Koran’ and stepped on the religious text.

“The events at the Peel District School Board forced Ontario’s Liberal government to issue a statement on Thursday that it supported the district’s move to provide religious accommodation to its {Muslim} students.

“At issue is the school board providing space for Muslim students to pray as a group every Friday. Critics argue a secular school system should not accommodate religion. But boards are legally required to provide religious accommodation, when it’s requested. Some school boards in the ‘Greater Toronto Area’, for example, have allowed students to be exempted based on religious beliefs from classes, including music and art… {!?!}

“Pardeep Khunger, a Hindu {A faith that has been persecuted by Muslims for over 1,000 years!} father of two children who attend schools in Peel, said he came to Wednesday’s meeting to oppose religious accommodations being made in secular schools. He said it is disruptive to the learning day and it segregates students.

“Not only Peel schools but other boards who are accommodating this should focus on the education, rather than these things that are segregating the students,” he said.

“Brian Woodland, a spokesman at Peel, countered:

“We are legally required. We do know the [Ontario Human Rights] Code, and we do consult with legal counsel.”

“Mr. Woodland said about 80 people attended the board meeting Wednesday and the situation escalated quickly. He said members of the crowd immediately began shouting “fairly horrific” anti-Muslim comments.

“One person in the audience stood up, tore up a copy of the ‘Koran’, and another person walked on the pages, Mr. Woodland said.

“Other meetings of late have also been disruptive. Peel police were on hand, and about half-an-hour into the meeting were asked by the board’s chair to clear the crowd out of the room.

“Mr. Woodland said that those in the room who were critical of religious accommodation were actually opposed to accommodating the Muslim community in schools.

“They used language and comments that were the most hateful that I have ever seen in my career”, Mr. Woodland said. “I was actually deeply shaken by what I heard. I’m not sure I’ve ever in my life seen this level of hatred.”
{He’s obviously been ignoring the brutal worldwide Mohammedan violence…}

–‘Anti-Muslim protesters shout ‘hateful’ rhetoric at Toronto-area school board meeting’,
Caroline Alphonso, Toronto Globe and Mail, March 23, 2017


Peel School Board Protest-March, 2017 (Rob Beintema — Mississauga News)

“A campaign calling on the Peel District School Board to end the accommodation of Muslim prayer in schools has been condemned by board officials and Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey for spreading “hateful” misinformation…

“It’s been getting more aggressive with each passing day”, said Jaskaran Sandhu, spokesperson for Jeffrey’s office.

“On Saturday, around 200 people held a march starting near ‘Square One’ in Mississauga to demonstrate against

“religious practices in public schools.”

“Flyers advertising the march included contact information for ‘Canada First’, a group whose stated mission is to protest the federal Liberals’ “anti-Islamophobia” motion.

“On March 6…concerned parents launched an online petition demanding that the board

“immediately discontinue . . . religious clubs and religious congregations of any religion.”

“Gayathri Iyer, spokesperson for the petition’s organizers and the mother of two Peel students, said the petition…claims that “religious congregations” in schools lead to segregation, interruption of studies, increased costs to taxpayers, bullying of non-observant students, and “unsolicited exposure to religion” that could “create subconscious bias in the minds of impressionable children for or against a faith”.

“Board spokesperson Brian Woodland called the petition “pure and deliberate misinformation”, and a

“campaign against Islam, counter to . . . our own {flawed} board values.” …

“The accommodation of ‘Jummah’ in Peel schools gained public attention in 2016, when the board created a new policy requiring students to read from scripted, board-approved sermons.

Following a backlash from Muslim community members, the policy was overturned. In January of this year, the board issued a new accommodation policy allowing students to write their own sermons or choose from a bank of scripted ones.

“Regretfully, there has been growing ‘xenophobia’ against people of the Islamic faith being spread recently,”

said Peel board trustee Nokha Dakroub,
{A Lebanese Muslim immigrant who is described as an ‘activist and social worker’…
“As a student at York University, she was heavily involved in social justice causes and activism for ‘fairness’ and ‘equity’.”
nokha.dakroub@peelsb.com }
who supported allowing students to write their own sermons…”

–‘Brampton mayor condemns ‘hateful’ campaign against Muslim prayer in Peel schools’,
Peter Goffin, Toronto Star, March 13, 2017


Peel Board ‘chair’ Janet McDougald (METROLAND file photo)

‘School Board Sides With Islam and Against Canada’

“The issue around religious accommodation and the legal requirement to provide prayer rooms has become confused, shall we say, by many people who are intentional in spreading ‘misinformation’,” Board ‘chair’ Janet McDougald told the Star…

“But we are under no delusions that those that wish to spread prejudice and hate will continue to do so. I believe they have intentionally targeted this issue around religious accommodation to create unease.” …

“Quite frankly, our board meeting agendas have been monopolized and disrupted by these very loud, albeit a minority, of people,” said McDougald…

{It is a “very loud, albeit a minority, of people” {Muslims} who are the source of this problem…}

“Religious accommodation, the fact sheet says, is required under the ‘Ontario ‘Human Rights’ Code’…

“It has been “frustrating and disheartening” to see hatred and prejudice toward a single faith group disguised in a supposed campaign about religion in schools, the board said in a public statement.

“This is a campaign against {intolerant, fascistic and imperialist} Islam — counter to the laws of the country, the Ontario Human Rights Code and our board values {!?!}.”

–‘Peel school board issues fact sheet to ‘quell misinformation’ on religious accommodation’,
Laura Beeston, Toronto Star, March 22, 2017


Peel parents and students attended a November, 2016 school board meeting to express their anger at a new rule regulating Muslim prayers in the classroom. (Nick Boisvert — CBC)

From January:
“The Peel District School Board is reversing its controversial decision that forced Muslim students to use a limited number of pre-approved sermons for their Friday prayers.

“A revised procedure released on Friday allows students either to deliver their own sermons or choose from several pre-written ones approved by local imams…

“We have listened to the voices of {a tiny minority of} Peel students and principals”, the board’s director of education, Tony Pontes, wrote in the revised report. “Peel {Muslim} students have spoken respectfully about the importance of their faith.”

“The issue at Peel raises questions about religious accommodation and how much influence a secular school board should have over prayer…

“…Muslim students and community members told local trustees the decision to limit their sermons violated their right to ‘religious freedom’ {Something Islam has no respect for in others, and something that has no place in secular public schools}. The board said it planned to work with local imams to add more sermons.

“They were concerned that it was restricting their religious freedoms and their freedom of speech {They were unable to preach Jihad and intolerance of others – fundamental tenets of Islamic faith},” {Muslim} trustee Nokha Dakroub said. “They felt ‘stigmatized’ by the policy.” …

“The Peel board said it looked at procedures in neighbouring ‘Greater Toronto Area’ school districts and found that ‘Jummah’ prayers are accommodated on Fridays, and staff do not review students’ sermons…”
{So, none of the authorities know what these students are preaching in our public schools!}

–‘Peel school board changes controversial decision on Muslim prayers’,
Caroline Alphonso, Toronto Globe and Mail, Jan. 06, 2017


RiseCanada’ Confronts Peel School Board meeting re Islamic prayers, police drag protestor out’:
“At the public meeting…a Hindu member of ‘RiseCanada.com’ who managed to get on the speaking list, stated clearly that Islam is poison and cancer to society and started quoting Koran verses that prove the point. A large number of Muslims in the audience started telling him to shut up and the Peel board trustees colluded with them.

“This prompted an ex-Muslim Palestinian brave woman to begin standing up and preaching the truth about Islam. Police were called and dragged her out…”
Canadian Man Tells The Truth About Islam Peel District School Board Ignores Him – Eric Brazau‘:
“The aftershocks of a solution to student-written sermons for Muslim students in the Peel District School Board continue.

“Nayana Subramanian appeared before the Peel District School Board trustees to address the controversial operating procedure for religious accommodation at the Tuesday, Jan. 24 meeting. With her, was a very large number of supporters who packed the room.

“The need for exclusive treatment can further — we believe — increase feelings of segregation among students, which, in turn, hurts the principles of an inclusive society”, said the Mississauga parent.

“She questioned the cost behind the decision-making process, as well as the academic impact of staff needed to supervise Friday prayer.

“Underlying the sensitivity of her point, she said,

“Some of our children come back home with an altered sense of what is right and wrong based on certain religious groups’ beliefs, which clash with our perceived values — I hope that this is considered when monitoring the sermons.”

“Noting the chaos that broke out over the Friday prayer issue at the Jan. 10 board meeting, she wanted to know what administration was doing to ensure that the same trouble doesn’t happen in schools…”

–‘Parent wants answers about ‘exclusive’ prayer accommodation for Muslim students’,
Jason Spencer, Mississauga News, Jan 27, 2017


Canadian Hindu Advocacy director Ron Banerjee

From 2011:
‘Hindus protest Muslim prayers at public school’:

“There’s not supposed to be any religious classes taking place in public schools,” ‘Canadian Hindu Advocacy’ director Ron Banerjee said. “We will be asking the board to stop the practice.”


‘Allah in the Cafeteria: Inside the school prayer scandal at Valley Park Middle School’ (2012):

See also:
Muslims Demand Right to Preach in Public Schools’ (Mississauga) {Nov. 28, 2016}:


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  1. Have the provincial government ban all religions from schools and make all schools secular. There is no place for these people (Peel school board) in a civilized country. Throw the bastards in the local dump. I know it will stink up the dump… But sacrifices have to be made…


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